Thursday, 29 April 2010

Shop love

You just HAVE to go and pay this adorable shop a little visit!  Tilly rose is bursting with handmade goodness and vintage charm.  Karen collects cute vintage items to sell alongside bespoke wedding items and personalised goodies.  This lady is truly dedicated to her sewing machine and produces amazing quality items using yummy fabrics and trims......quick take a look
Karen also has a blog that is lots of fun too!

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

My first award!

I am overjoyed to recieve my first award for my oh so humble bloggity blog!
HUGE thanks to ♥coco rose♥

Me being me (oh so generous!) I would like to give this award to the hundreds of lovely blogging enthusiast that I follow or those super wonderful ladies that follow me..... but in true award fashion I will take pleasure in awarding those that inspire me, support me and simply make me chuckle the most!

Please click on the links and pay them a visit cos they are all fab bloggers!

Thanks again ♥coco rose♥

Monday, 26 April 2010

Kitchen makeover

And all I can think is PINK!!!
I can only see two obstacles
1. The males of the house
ermmmm, cant think of number 2!!! soooo


Saturday, 24 April 2010

Middle age spread.....nah just too much hair!

With all this nice sunshine I booked a treatment day at the local spa.....
....Doglet spa that is - for Miss Jazz not me!  Everyone kept telling me she was overweight...."OK girly, we'll show em"!  Seeeee it was all hair!  And anyway if you want to eat human left-overs its only fair at your old age!
You look gorgeous and still CUDDLY and I don't feel guilty de-furring you cos its so warm!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Im Hooked - thanks Lucy

I know crochet has been around forever but it has always been a no-go area for me.  I remember years ago, picking up wool and hook and trying to read a pattern..... mental block!  In the short time I have been blogging and Etsying I have come across crochet in its many forms.  Just recently I stumbled across the crochet-savvy goddess - Lucy at Attic24.
 I just sat mesmerised and fell in love with her colourful crochet, home, personality and lounge!  I found her instructions absolutely fool proof (even I could get my head around them!).  With easy-peasy photo steps I just knew I could make SOMETHING!  Straight to ebay, ordered yarn and hook and hey presto.....SOMETHING!
Even if I say so myself (cos no-one in the Fondant household will) Something turned out pretty well for a first attempt!  OK so its only a faithful old granny square but I sat chuckling to myself at my achievement.  I spose it will turn into a blanket (or cushion more like) one day.

Do you remember the first thing you crochet-ed??

The sun beeeeaaammmed through the window this morning so took advantage for a photo-shoot of some jewellery I had finished this week.  If anything grabs you let me know .... until I get a flurry of listing-mania on Etsy!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Etsy treasury at last!

I managed to make and post my first treasury on Etsy treasury East.  This was to hightlight some the new friends I made at the craft Britannia team

Sunday, 18 April 2010


I have had to have a forced break from blogging, etsying  etc as the only reason to log on was to keep up to date with the ashcloud.  My daughter is stuck in Sweden and still have no news about her return.  Her father assures me that she is safe and happy to extend their visit with family, but its hard to "keep calm and carry on".  So yesterday I had to get out of the house and take a long walk.  Not far though you understand, still had to keep an eye on the news.  I made up a picnic and reluctantly got in the car.  We arrived at open fields and what (to me) looked like a mound of muck!  This was Arbour Low.  Practically on my doorstep was this peaceful and mysterious ancient site.
t was a great place to relax, fill my lungs with fresh air and reflect on the last week.  The highlight of the day was the biggest reassuring hug from my beautiful boy!  JOY!
 Through the lovely and courageous Mary Poppins I found The Gallery.  I took a whistle-stop tour of the site and will return when I have more time to learn how to submit photographs.  This would be the pic that I would include for the prompt "Joy". 
With the laptop opened up to the latest news, the phone on loud and my mind as calm as it can be I will produce the sunday roast and give joy to the last day of half term!  *singing school tomorrow, school tomorrow, school tomorrow!!*

Monday, 12 April 2010

Give-away winner!

Well I am back from a lovely weekend family visit, refreshed and re-charged batteries!  Before I announce the winner of the new beginnings give-away, I would like to thank all those lovely bloggers that left comments and took part.  It really did work!  I have "virtually" made some lovely new blog friends and discovered their fabulous blogs.  Thanks again especially to those who blogged about my give-away.
My darling son tore himself from his pit and xbox to draw a name out of the pot ("whats this all about".....back to the pit)! and picked out.......

Ms Victoria Plum!!!!   Congratulations!

Victoria Plum's homegrown blog is a little treasure to read so pop over and be inspired

Well its time to feed the monsters so bye for now!

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Family Time

Just a quick post to let you know that I will draw the winner for my give-away tomorrow.  I took an impulsive trip to visit my family.  Oh the bliss of a family gathering for sunday lunch!

Have a great sunny Sunday!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Mr Honey Bee & Grumpy Old Lady

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Miss Jazz, my faithfull cocked up spaniel.  I would say she keeps me company but all she does is sleep all day (with loud snores).  So there we were going about our business, her sleeping, me chopping up fabric to make curtains for the bathroom, with the back door wide open for the first time (spring was here today)..... in comes what sounded like a mini helicopter, doglet jumps up and immediately goes in for the kill! NO! NO! NO! JAZZY!  Armed with glass and plate I save the poor thing and let him free into the sunny garden.  With camera to hand I just had to take this picture of The Grumpy Old Lady.... I spoilt her fun....she ignored me for the rest of the day.

If looks could kill!
Anyway the bathroom is in its final stages of tweaking. I love  When it comes to decorating I just dive in and hope for the best.  Everything evolved from buying new knobs for the shelves there!  Its not much of a bathroom at all really more like a cubbyhole with a bath, loo and sink....well good enough for me.... now going to go light my candles, grab a pot of tea and try it out.

Country Living Easy Transformations: Bathrooms

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Sophie Darling!

oh how I loved your show last night!  "nostalgia" made me all warm and snuggly inside.  So off to iplayer to watch it all again here - the delicious miss Dahl.  I have ordered the book also and have wrote my shopping list! 
For me nostalgia is bread and butter pudding "nana style" and I will get some pics together and make you one here soon.

So today is a doing-day and off to fill the kitchen cupboards, pay some overdue bills, make some calls then (if I have time) pop into a couple of charity shops.

Have a great "Spring-ified" day!

Monday, 5 April 2010

New Beginnings Give-away

Ok I did'nt sleep much last night, my head was like the garden shed (frustratingly messy) so at 4am I accepted defeat and promised myself to dwell on the missing blog posts no longer.  Cutting a very long story short.... I last blogged in December and within seconds my computer just died on me.  I have only just been in a position to replace it with this here shiny new laptop.  Whilst absent from blogging I have spent my (very little) spare time creating my new line of jewellery.  SO... I photographed them, bravely jumped on the Etsy bandwaggon and now blogging (ok boasting) to anyone who may be a tad interested (thanks mum for reading x).


To celebrate my Etsy store "take-off" (and hopefully collect some friends along the way) I am giving away this gorgeous dragonfly necklace made with glass pearls and vintage glass beads. 

*PLUS other scrummy surprises*
If you would like me to put your name in the hat (or sock, biscuit tin or such) in a weeks time then please leave me a comment on this post leaving a link to your blog.
Just say hi and introduce yourself!  I look forward to hearing from you.

Ok im off to tidy up my mess now...... (supose)

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Oh NO!

I have totally lost everything in my Fondant Kiss blog!  So here I am starting from scratch!  Im not even sure what Ive done.... will investigate a little further but cant afford to eat up so much time in doing so..... dissapointment is an understatement!