Thursday, 22 April 2010

Im Hooked - thanks Lucy

I know crochet has been around forever but it has always been a no-go area for me.  I remember years ago, picking up wool and hook and trying to read a pattern..... mental block!  In the short time I have been blogging and Etsying I have come across crochet in its many forms.  Just recently I stumbled across the crochet-savvy goddess - Lucy at Attic24.
 I just sat mesmerised and fell in love with her colourful crochet, home, personality and lounge!  I found her instructions absolutely fool proof (even I could get my head around them!).  With easy-peasy photo steps I just knew I could make SOMETHING!  Straight to ebay, ordered yarn and hook and hey presto.....SOMETHING!
Even if I say so myself (cos no-one in the Fondant household will) Something turned out pretty well for a first attempt!  OK so its only a faithful old granny square but I sat chuckling to myself at my achievement.  I spose it will turn into a blanket (or cushion more like) one day.

Do you remember the first thing you crochet-ed??

The sun beeeeaaammmed through the window this morning so took advantage for a photo-shoot of some jewellery I had finished this week.  If anything grabs you let me know .... until I get a flurry of listing-mania on Etsy!


  1. Lucy's blog is great isn't it?!!!! Crochet is very addictive! Once you learn there is no stopping you! Well done on your granny squares, you'll be churning out a blanket very soon i'm sure! Have a great rest of a day! xxx

  2. Well, believe it or not, I've resisted the crocheting mania! I just have such bad memories of trying to knit as a child... And all this talk about tension - I know that would go wrong for me. Your beginnings look lovely, though - 'I love crochet, I could sit and watch people doing it for hours'!

    I've really enjoyed looking back through your last few posts - thanks for introducing yourself to me on my giveaway! Is your daughter back from Sweden? I do hope so - it's been crazy, hasn't it? We have something else in common too - my son has a cocker spaniel the same colour as yours. She's currently rustling around downstairs and getting fed up that her lord and master is having a lie-in (it's still holidays here).

  3. I am desperate to learn to crochet - someone tried to show me last year at the knitting and stitching show, I must be increadibly tense, I couldn't get the hook through anything!

    I LOVE granny squares, I love the granny squares you have done, and I LOVE the colours! YUMMY!


  4. Me too! I would love to learn, i am thinking of finding an online tutorial on youtube or something.
    Well done on your first grannies! they look fab.


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