Saturday, 24 April 2010

Middle age spread.....nah just too much hair!

With all this nice sunshine I booked a treatment day at the local spa.....
....Doglet spa that is - for Miss Jazz not me!  Everyone kept telling me she was overweight...."OK girly, we'll show em"!  Seeeee it was all hair!  And anyway if you want to eat human left-overs its only fair at your old age!
You look gorgeous and still CUDDLY and I don't feel guilty de-furring you cos its so warm!


  1. it's definatly dog de-furring season, our little Jem went to the parlour last monday, and been like a pup ever since!

    Miss Jazz looks extremely pleased with the finished look!


  2. Oh! she looks lovely. I too have a little cocker - Purdy. Doesn't the house stay cleaner for longer after their hair cut?
    Take a look at Purdy's posh coat I made her during the snow

  3. Thanks for visiting and following my blog. I'm loving the before and after shots here. She is toooooo cute! My friend has a wee cocker spaniel called Lottie. Like Miss Jazz she is completely gorgeous. Em x


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