Monday, 5 April 2010

New Beginnings Give-away

Ok I did'nt sleep much last night, my head was like the garden shed (frustratingly messy) so at 4am I accepted defeat and promised myself to dwell on the missing blog posts no longer.  Cutting a very long story short.... I last blogged in December and within seconds my computer just died on me.  I have only just been in a position to replace it with this here shiny new laptop.  Whilst absent from blogging I have spent my (very little) spare time creating my new line of jewellery.  SO... I photographed them, bravely jumped on the Etsy bandwaggon and now blogging (ok boasting) to anyone who may be a tad interested (thanks mum for reading x).


To celebrate my Etsy store "take-off" (and hopefully collect some friends along the way) I am giving away this gorgeous dragonfly necklace made with glass pearls and vintage glass beads. 

*PLUS other scrummy surprises*
If you would like me to put your name in the hat (or sock, biscuit tin or such) in a weeks time then please leave me a comment on this post leaving a link to your blog.
Just say hi and introduce yourself!  I look forward to hearing from you.

Ok im off to tidy up my mess now...... (supose)


  1. Wow!!!
    Your new blog is B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l ! Congrats, also for your leap into Etsy. Best of luck!
    Very sweet of you to offer your gorgeous jewelry. I will post a comment on my blog to announce your giveaway.

  2. What amazing jewellery! I love the vintage/ french feel you get from your designs.

    I just started my blog but you can see it here;

    Good luck with your new shop!

  3. Hi Deborah, first of all thanks for stopping by my place! sorry all cake has gone south!!!!!
    Second of all good luck with the new Etsy venture and Third of all wow, lovely necklace, clever you!

    Hopefully you already know how to find me!

    Sarah x

  4. oooh... Awesome givaway! My blog is or if you prefer my email is

  5. Aaahh how lovely, I love the necklace it is so pretty.
    Thank you for following me on Twitter, following you right back.
    *Good Luck* with your new venture on Etsy.

  6. Hi Deborah
    Thanks for visiting my blog - and I didn't realise you lived near me! Gorgeous necklace, lovely work!

  7. Hi.Thanks for popping by my blog and joining in with my giveaway, I would love a chance to win this necklace (but fear if I did win Daughter would claim ownership)!xx

  8. Hello!!
    Yey! It's always exciting to discover new blogs to read :) Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog ... I will add a link to your blog from mine!
    I love to enter giveaways ... but have yet to be successful!!
    Not long to go until my 200th post giveaway!
    Have a lovely weekend

  9. Hello to you too! What a wonderful way to start out. Just beautiful jewellery. So pretty and feminine. Please enter me in your draw and do pop on over and visit me when you get a free moment.

  10. Good luck with your etsy shop!

  11. Hi it's Dayz from the teambritannia thread. My blog is: - not updated as often as it should be! :P

  12. Hello, could you count me in please, just stumbled on your lovely blog ( am newish blogger and recently took up silk painting. will pop by for a proper read on my next day off. xxx

  13. Ohoo I have probably missed this :0( Silly me, off to pop your blog on my sidebar and then I shall know for next time, dragonfly's are one of my favouritest things, I think your jewellrey is beautiful, you are very talented.

    If by any chance you havent picked a winner could I go in the ickle sock please :0)




  14. Hi Deborah,

    Looks like I missed your giveaway, never mind, your jewellery is fab. Pop along and have a glance at my blog if you fancy.


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