Thursday, 29 April 2010

Shop love

You just HAVE to go and pay this adorable shop a little visit!  Tilly rose is bursting with handmade goodness and vintage charm.  Karen collects cute vintage items to sell alongside bespoke wedding items and personalised goodies.  This lady is truly dedicated to her sewing machine and produces amazing quality items using yummy fabrics and trims......quick take a look
Karen also has a blog that is lots of fun too!


  1. Wow! Thanks Deb...that's a fabulous plug! So glad you love my goodies....

    Thanks for helping spread the word for me.
    Karen x x x

  2. Hey lady - I presume you haven't seen yet, but you won my lingerie giveaway! :) Please do email me so I can forward all your details to Playful Promises :)

  3. Hi there,
    I have just found your blog through some very enjoyable blog hopping and its lovely :) I especially like the jewellery in your header pic. I am now following so will be back!

  4. thank you for introducing me to this new shop. your blog is so beautiful! and i am so happy to have found it and your lovely shop. i can't wait to stop back again and see more :)

    best wishes to you!
    xoxo, juliette

  5. You would be more than welcome to a slice, but I'm currently fending off my 3 littleuns... made it as a treat for hubs, as he's having a bad day at work, poor thing! If there's any left (haha!), I'll send it your way. My eldest just came in from school and set to to make squidgy chocolate drop biscuits in revenge, and isn't letting me touch them at the moment, so it's all bake go in this house. Yummy!
    Love the pictures from Tillyrose's shop. x

  6. Oooh that shop looks just my cup'o'tea!
    Thank You for your lovely commnets on my blog by the way.
    The book you are enquiring about can be bought from a shop in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, called "Hedgehogs" it is hard to find it anywhere else.
    Try this link below but if it doesnt work you can either google 'Hedgehogs Hebden Bridge' or I shall pop a link on my post about it.

  7. Gorgeous! thanks for links



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