Sunday, 18 April 2010


I have had to have a forced break from blogging, etsying  etc as the only reason to log on was to keep up to date with the ashcloud.  My daughter is stuck in Sweden and still have no news about her return.  Her father assures me that she is safe and happy to extend their visit with family, but its hard to "keep calm and carry on".  So yesterday I had to get out of the house and take a long walk.  Not far though you understand, still had to keep an eye on the news.  I made up a picnic and reluctantly got in the car.  We arrived at open fields and what (to me) looked like a mound of muck!  This was Arbour Low.  Practically on my doorstep was this peaceful and mysterious ancient site.
t was a great place to relax, fill my lungs with fresh air and reflect on the last week.  The highlight of the day was the biggest reassuring hug from my beautiful boy!  JOY!
 Through the lovely and courageous Mary Poppins I found The Gallery.  I took a whistle-stop tour of the site and will return when I have more time to learn how to submit photographs.  This would be the pic that I would include for the prompt "Joy". 
With the laptop opened up to the latest news, the phone on loud and my mind as calm as it can be I will produce the sunday roast and give joy to the last day of half term!  *singing school tomorrow, school tomorrow, school tomorrow!!*


  1. Hi there! It has taken me some time to find your blog! I really hope your daughter returns soon - I can imagine how worried you are!


  2. Hello Deborah, it was be very worrying to have your daughter away from home and not able to get back.
    Lovely photos, I wish my son was still smaller than me LOL he will be 21 in July and now his GF gets all the kisses and cuddles :)

  3. Arbour Low looks like a cool place to check out! :)


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