Monday, 26 April 2010

Kitchen makeover

And all I can think is PINK!!!
I can only see two obstacles
1. The males of the house
ermmmm, cant think of number 2!!! soooo



  1. What's not to love about pink?!!!! Living in a house with 4 males, I see it as my right to balance it all out and have a fair bit of girliness all over the house! Have a fab day! xxx

  2. I am trying to convince hubby the bathroom needs to be pink - the secret is to just go ahead and do it!!!


  3. I live in a house full of men,tom cats and dog and my revenge is to inject pink wherever I can.But they have noooo shame and will happily use all the pale pink and bright pink towels,bath mats and use without hesitation all the girly pink, rosy plates and mugs.We also have a Cath Kidston rose/pink polka dot eiderdown.We owe it to ourselves.Go Pink, girlfriend!!By the way I love your blog its so pretty ! x

  4. Morning! Pop on over to my blog as I have an award waiting for you! Have a wonderful day! xxx

  5. Thanks for dropping by and following my blog.I LOVE the name of yours!Am just going to have a look around and will be back later.Love pink too and luckily have a hubby who doesn't object to being surrounded by hearts and flowers!

    Bellaboo :0)


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