Sunday, 30 May 2010

Im so excited......Boudoir swap partners!

I really am thrilled at the response I have had from the most amazing ladies for this swap.  In the process I have come across some fantastic new blogs, said hello to some new followers and just been so warmed by the kindness and generosity of beautiful bloggers.  I have made your list to include links to all those who are taking part just so that you can have a flit around as well as contacting your swap buddy.

So here we go lovely ladies......

Nanette   -  Wife, mother and other
It just leaves me to say a huge thank you to all of you and enjoy your Boudoir Swapping Darlings!!!
Please email me with any problems etc.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Odd numbers for swap and "dont talk to me about caravan love"

Hello lovely ladies
My beautiful list of Boudoir Swap Darlings is if you have been umming and arrring then let me convince you by saying that the line-up of swappees is simply fabulous!  Get your fluffy mules on cos I'm pairing up tomorrow.

Now.... all week I have tippy tappied on the keyboard to find a little holiday for us at the seaside.  I have been limited as we can only go for one specific week in August due to other commitments.  This has just been so frustrating.  Money is too tight to mention so cheap and cheerful is a must.  This certainly narrows things down immensely!  So when my other half shouts from his computer "I found us the perfect accommodation" I jumped up to look with delight......

After all the hunting and disappointment I have lost my sense of humour!

Like a lot of my lovely bloggy friends I too dream of owning and old caravan to splash oodles of love and attention on.  When I sit with my crochet in the evening with enquiries like "what is it"? when before I answered with "a tank top for you" I now reply with "its a caravan blanket".....because I know one day the caravan of my dreams will come along!
Have a great weekend lovelies.....boooo to the rain lets BBQ anyway!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Dont forget.....

 Just popping in to tell all you lovely ladies that the Boudoir Swap partners will be given on Sunday 30th....if you have not yet joined then please do!

I have had such a busy busy week!  We had a visitor to stay this week and Miss Jazzy was not too impressed (she is getting too old to be bothering with delinquent pups)!

This is Miss Izzy my Nephews Doglet
Managed to spend some time in the garden.....well a tidy corner of the garden as tis a little wild at the moment!

Even the weeds look pretty, and there are plenty of them!
We went for a stroll and met this handsome chap
Come on Deb, this way through the field....Not on your Nelly Matey!
Even if he was this far away!
Home to see the sunset, very romantic!

Friday, 21 May 2010

Boudoir Darlings....still time to join in the fun!

Hello lovely bloggers, hope you are all enjoying the sunshine we have all been longing for!

Below is the prestigious list of all the Darlings who have joined so far - Thank you!
If your name is not here then please leave a comment and let me know if you are happy to post overseas.
Heather - Pink Milk
Aija - Crafty smiles
Gill - The vintage Gardener
Nic - Woodbank Crafts
Pixie - Faerie Nuff
Jille - Love to craft
Justine - Sew Justine Sew
Gill - Dosie Rosie
Annie - The Felt Fairy
Cat - Catalinas Cottage
Sandra - MonFilRouge
Jules - Jules at Home
Carole - A Blessed Life
Alison - Love Hector
Mrs P - Notes from Summerwood
Shirl - Indigo Shirl

Have a Glorious Weekend Darlings!

Monday, 17 May 2010

Glamorous underwear discount, you Simply Have To Indulge Darling!

The response to my Boudoir swap has been amazing...there is still time to join in the fun!

As I am an old fashioned gal who loves anything vintage it is inevitable that I follow
If you have not visited Fleur then You Simply Have To Darling....She is a fantastic writer, super glamorous model with a down to earth heart. She is witty, charming and has an envious classic look.
So the lovely Fleur had a giveaway and lucky old me WON!  I don't mind telling you ladies that I do buy matching underwear but they never seem to be worn matching, I'm a comfy, practical, tiny amount of frill, marks n sparks knicker wearer.  So imagine my joy when I received THE most gorgeous package last week. I have to tell mans face was a picture!

I won the whole Ava set and when I tried them on they were like a second skin!  I cant believe I could look so glamorous (teehee!)
The quality of these garments are sumptuously perfect with attention to every detail.
If you love vintage you will love Playful Promises.          
Customer service at Playful Promises is second to none.  Lovely Laura and I emailed so that I received a perfect fit and she really did make me feel very special. 
Laura also gave me a promotion code to share with my lovely blog readers so if you order online you will get 20% off if you write fondantkiss in the promotion box at the checkout. 
You will not be disappointed darlings!
They don't just stock gorgeous underwear, oh no sweeties, they have stunning swimwear and amazing jewellery.  Below is a little taster of my faves, but go and indulge yourselves at Playful Promises.

Have a Playful Week Darling!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Boudoir Swap....You Simply Have To Join Darling!

Firstly I have to give heartfelt thank yous to all you gorgeous bloggers who commented on my bedroom dilemma, they really helped.  It was a tough room to tackle!  Anyhow here is a little taster of "The PINK Bed"!
She has to be in does Miss Jazzy

Now Dearest readers......there is something lacking and that which is lacking is the finishing touches, you know what I mean.....those things that make it cosy and heavenly and rich in handmade goodness {froufrou}

So after a little thought and pondering and a comment from a bloggy pal Juicyfig I thought "hey! those lovely gals in blogland are soooo thoughtful in their creative talents, I will organise a swap"!!!
So lets have some fun.....

To join in just leave a comment saying that You Simply Have To Join Darling {or email me}
Here is what I thought {but not rules....don't like rules}

You will each have a partner that will be randomly chosen
(please let me know if you don't wish to post abroad)

You will make/upcycle/buy something for your partners boudoir.......
Maybe a pillow case, dressing table set, candles, hangers, picture, bunting, nightdress case, fluffy slippers.....the choice is yours!

Then {and this is the only rule} in your boudoir parcel to you partner you MUST include a secret stash for the dressing gown pocket of a morsel of decadent chocolate! 
{if for some bizarre reason chocolate just isn't your thing please let your partner know}

Closing date will be May 29th when I will put you all in a hat and pair you up!

Please take the badge for your blog and spread the word
"The more the merrier"

Monday, 10 May 2010

Light at the end of the paint pot!

Phew what a week.....non stop decorating.  Today I felt the "just cant go on" feeling,  I had ran out of motivation, paint and money!  My "old" bedroom was looking very murky in deep purple (very wrong idea as it has tinsy cottage windows).  So I dont need to tell you how many coats it took to get it a creamy lemony colour....aarrgghhh! 
I therefore declared a day of rest today.  Not being high as a kite on paint fumes and white streaks scrubbed from my mop, I stayed in my poshest jimjams and mooched, crocheted (still cant spell croched, crocheteded) and read some super duper scrummy blogs.
Seeing as my bank balance is very ugly at this point in time I cant pimp my lovely "new" bedroom with all the little wants not needs. So I fed my weary soul with a virtual window shop......... (with clicky links)

There thats better isnt it Deb??? Oh yes such lovely prettyness.  Well Im going to crawl into bed and hope that my mojo returns in the morning to put the last coat of eggshell on the drawers, finish hanging shelves in grotty cupboard, and working out underbed storage!

P.S "new" bedroom piccys to follow shortly.

Pearls of widsom
To be without some of the things you want is an indispensable part of happiness

Thursday, 6 May 2010


Just a quick post as I'm still up to my eyeballs in paint!  Thanks for your comments on my bedroom dilemma....still undecided about curtains but swaying towards something blue???

Anyway the postman delivered my designed to order stickers that I asked Dayzee to make for me.  I was a bit of a difficult customer because when asked about certain details my reply was mainly "I will leave it up to you"!  This lady was great and as she was a little delayed because of her supply delivery she also sent me some extras including some cute little thank you cards.  Certainly value for money for a bespoke quality item.
I just need to sell something now so I can use them!
Visit dayzee here if you want creative design, for business cards, labels, tags, Etsy banners etc.  Dayzee is also out there in blogland!

Back to the decorating for me....enjoy your day and your vote (GB's) can't wait to see what the government looks like tomorrow eeekkk!

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Bedroom dilemma

So I have started on the bedroom (should have been kitchen but hey-ho).  On a whim I purchased some rolls of Anna French wallpaper cheaply on ebay.  I love it and it looks gorgeous (worth the aching back)....

This now covers a feature wall and the rest of the walls are a matching creamy lemon colour.  I Just can not seem to get my hands on any "matching" fabric for curtains etc (pattern is discontinued).  I don't necessarily want it matching exactly but I find myself stumped here!  Any help from you lovely talented blogists would be GREATLY appreciated!

Right....time to paint the bed.....guess which colour?????