Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Dont forget.....

 Just popping in to tell all you lovely ladies that the Boudoir Swap partners will be given on Sunday 30th....if you have not yet joined then please do!

I have had such a busy busy week!  We had a visitor to stay this week and Miss Jazzy was not too impressed (she is getting too old to be bothering with delinquent pups)!

This is Miss Izzy my Nephews Doglet
Managed to spend some time in the garden.....well a tidy corner of the garden as tis a little wild at the moment!

Even the weeds look pretty, and there are plenty of them!
We went for a stroll and met this handsome chap
Come on Deb, this way through the field....Not on your Nelly Matey!
Even if he was this far away!
Home to see the sunset, very romantic!


  1. I just love your weeds lol they look great,and the sunset just devine...looking so forward to the swap.Carole

  2. That's no weed, that's an aquelegia, all the rage at the Chelsea Flower show darling, lol ;)

  3. Morning Deborah - I was going to say the same as Shaz about your weeds but she beat me to it! Aquilegia it is indeed, or more commonly known as `Columbine` - all the best people have them in their wilderness`s, sorry I mean gardens and they come in a pretty shade of pink and yellow too! Enjoy!

  4. Morning Deborah! I certainly wouldn't have braved a walk through that field either! I once was chased through a field by rather too many bullocks when I was walking our dog, much to Mr. G's amusement aas he was watching through the bedroom window!! Looking forward to the swap! Justine xx

  5. a weed is just a flower in the wrong place! Fabulous sunset.

  6. Hello
    My Swappie partner..!
    Nice to meet you.
    I will e-mail you my address, if you do the same that would be great.
    Now I am off to nosey round your blog looking for clues as to what you like.
    Have a fab weekend..Em xxx


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