Saturday, 1 May 2010

Bedroom dilemma

So I have started on the bedroom (should have been kitchen but hey-ho).  On a whim I purchased some rolls of Anna French wallpaper cheaply on ebay.  I love it and it looks gorgeous (worth the aching back)....

This now covers a feature wall and the rest of the walls are a matching creamy lemon colour.  I Just can not seem to get my hands on any "matching" fabric for curtains etc (pattern is discontinued).  I don't necessarily want it matching exactly but I find myself stumped here!  Any help from you lovely talented blogists would be GREATLY appreciated!

Right....time to paint the bed.....guess which colour?????


  1. Love the wallpaper - it reminds me of the American Retro collection by Windham Fabrics - they do a yellow stripe with pink roses which would co-ordinate - if you google it, you will see the range, there are a few which would go well with it. Well done you!! Hard work isn't it, but satisfying!! x

  2. Ooh! and thanks so much for the award! Very kind of you! x

  3. That wallpaper is very pretty and feminine - sadly my other half would rule it out in an instant lol!

  4. I LOVE that wallpaper! I would go for either a pale soft blue stripe or check for the curtains,and that would pick up the blue in the flowery design.
    You were asking how I got those plates symmetrical?
    Well usually I get the tape measure out,but this time I just did it by eye and it worked... amazingly enough!

    Bellaboo :0)

  5. Hello, I'm just stopping by your blog. I love your header! I will most definatly be checking out your Etsy Shop!!!
    I also think that a nice softer blue would go well with that wallpaper. Isn't decorating so much fun?? So many fun choices to make!

  6. Lovely wallpaper! I'm trying to decide what to do with my bedroom at the moment it's sooo hard to pick one thing!

    Victoria x


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