Saturday, 29 May 2010

Odd numbers for swap and "dont talk to me about caravan love"

Hello lovely ladies
My beautiful list of Boudoir Swap Darlings is if you have been umming and arrring then let me convince you by saying that the line-up of swappees is simply fabulous!  Get your fluffy mules on cos I'm pairing up tomorrow.

Now.... all week I have tippy tappied on the keyboard to find a little holiday for us at the seaside.  I have been limited as we can only go for one specific week in August due to other commitments.  This has just been so frustrating.  Money is too tight to mention so cheap and cheerful is a must.  This certainly narrows things down immensely!  So when my other half shouts from his computer "I found us the perfect accommodation" I jumped up to look with delight......

After all the hunting and disappointment I have lost my sense of humour!

Like a lot of my lovely bloggy friends I too dream of owning and old caravan to splash oodles of love and attention on.  When I sit with my crochet in the evening with enquiries like "what is it"? when before I answered with "a tank top for you" I now reply with "its a caravan blanket".....because I know one day the caravan of my dreams will come along!
Have a great weekend lovelies.....boooo to the rain lets BBQ anyway!


  1. lol! this made me smile lots! If you are short of a swapee at its close, my lovely daughter Amy of will step in, she is in New York for the week and so did not put herself forward. She is an avid vintage collector and trader and expressed a really intrest - I think it was the 'boudoir' that caught her eye - she is always in blooming bed! lol xx

  2. Ahh a caravan would be nice! We hope to save like mad the latter part of this year and hopefully go halves with my parents on a static on the East Coast, bliss!! Looking forward to receiving my swap partner!! Justine xx

  3. Thanks for the morning smile - you may think you have temporarily lost yours but the humour shines through! Looking forward to the swap - it'll give me a purpose at tomorrow's car boot sale. I don't dream of caravans but have been musing over a Summer House for the garden .... doesn't have the same ring as Caravan Love but I'm sorely tempted. Have a great weekend - you weren't expecting sunshine for the bank holiday weekend, were you, surely not?

  4. Ohh, I am soo excited about your swap.
    Keep wishing for your caravan and one day it will come along when you least expect it.
    Luv sophie xxx

  5. Awwww wouldn't a caravan be bliss xxx
    Looking forward to hearing who my partner is xxx
    Cat xxx

  6. We go camping! Not good in England especially with two dogs.

    I really want that pink caravan, I have the most delightful Laura Ashley Pink curtains in my stash for it. (goes away to dream about trips to Devon and picnics, sigh)

  7. Hello hunny....can I be your oddball swapsie partner???
    Don't worry if you have already worked things out....

    Keep smiling for your dream will come true one day my friend...
    Karen x x x

  8. I must admit I always wanted a lovely retro campervan until one day we went 'shopping' to a place that sold second hand campers - every one smelled of that blue toilet stuff and fried food. to cheer us up we stopped off at the Hymer show room, wow - they were just amazing and the price? they STARTED at £47,000. Needless to say, we got a new tent instead.

    I hope you find an odd lady for the swap!


  9. Hello there - I am now a follower, I had trouble before finding a link to follow - not sure why but I'm here now! I just saw your etsy shop for the first time - will save up some pennies and pop back when my cashflow allows!

  10. p.s. really looking forward to joining in the swap and summoning up the creative mojo.


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