Monday, 10 May 2010

Light at the end of the paint pot!

Phew what a week.....non stop decorating.  Today I felt the "just cant go on" feeling,  I had ran out of motivation, paint and money!  My "old" bedroom was looking very murky in deep purple (very wrong idea as it has tinsy cottage windows).  So I dont need to tell you how many coats it took to get it a creamy lemony colour....aarrgghhh! 
I therefore declared a day of rest today.  Not being high as a kite on paint fumes and white streaks scrubbed from my mop, I stayed in my poshest jimjams and mooched, crocheted (still cant spell croched, crocheteded) and read some super duper scrummy blogs.
Seeing as my bank balance is very ugly at this point in time I cant pimp my lovely "new" bedroom with all the little wants not needs. So I fed my weary soul with a virtual window shop......... (with clicky links)

There thats better isnt it Deb??? Oh yes such lovely prettyness.  Well Im going to crawl into bed and hope that my mojo returns in the morning to put the last coat of eggshell on the drawers, finish hanging shelves in grotty cupboard, and working out underbed storage!

P.S "new" bedroom piccys to follow shortly.

Pearls of widsom
To be without some of the things you want is an indispensable part of happiness


  1. Cant wait to see it. I bet it looks great without all the'extras', and they will come soon enough I'm sure. Your virtual shop basket has some lovely things in it.

  2. Ohoooo me can't wait to see :0) I think it is going to look gorgus. We had the plasterers in yesterday, and can' wait to get some colour onto the walls. Thank you so much for sharing my pretties, you sweetheart

    Love and hugs me XX

  3. Oohh lovely a bedroom make-over, doesn't it feel lovely when it is all done though even if it is hard work at the time.
    Lovely pretties here & thank you for including my cushion cover too!
    Have a lovely day

  4. It will look fab - come on! sort some pickies out!!!

    You will have to organise a bedroom lovlies swap!


  5. Thank you for the mention, Deborah, your bedroom wallpaper is so lovely, looking forward to seeing the end result!

  6. Thank you so much for loving my hearts - I had so much fun making those, and it's lovely to see them pictured on someone else's blog. You've been really busy - hope the mojo returns and you get it all finished quickly. As for crochetteddeted, it is a hard word to spell! Hugs from me... can't wait to see how it looks finished. xxx

  7. Good morning...I do so hope your mojo is back in place today... painting..ugh...hard work. Thank you for mentioning my mixed media...made my day. x


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