Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Today I am thinking....

I want to make a garment!  Without sounding too cockey I do believe that its time to move on from grannies and try something a little more adventurous.  Don't get me wrong I love my granny and have plans for more but I think its time to dip my toes in garment territory.
I really fancy something lacy and summery...
oooohhhh japanese and charted pattern.....maybe not
 {pattern here for chart literate crocheters!}

This is more like it....crochet in one piece! tried and tested by many ravelers
{courtesy of milobo}

Just one slight teensy problem....

Out of yarn boo hoo!
School uniforms to replace first {already!!}
But I kept my idle hands busy with scrappy bits...

Two odd shaped balls {teehee} for safe indoor play for my footy mad great-nephews
an alien type bunny thing
and a cute puddy-tat designed by the lovely talented Fi at Marmalade Rose
{whose blog is very gorgeous I might add}

Well I must go, window cleaner here - needs paying £12!!! how did that happen?!!!
Think thoughts of spring my dear friends!


  1. The pattern you are going to make looks very pretty - look forward to seeing more of that. Betty

  2. Kind words - thank you very much sweetie.

    As for window cleaners - I stopped mine as I went out to work in the dark and came home in the dark, so it seem pointless having clean windows as I never got to look out of them, lol.

    That alien bunny looks like some sort of relation to Orville the Duck.

  3. That is a gorgeous pattern - good luck to you! I am definatly not up to that yet!

    Take a look at for 50% off luxury yarns!


  4. Those look very pretty... good luck !
    Your caption at mine made me smile as inside the shop behind the counter was an elderly lady whom I'd never seen helping out before... well she was giving me a very funny look while I was trying to photograph the doll & Pirate - so I went inside to tell the manageress it was me and no - I'm not donating my new camera !

  5. Love those cute little toys you've made...Bella would have fun with those!
    I'm still plodding on with my blanket...can't wait to try something more adventurous too,but I know if I start on a new project,the blanket will never get done!
    Have a lovely weeknd. :0)

  6. Hello Fondant! I have nominated your scrummy blog for an award. Please come and have a peep if you get a chance.


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