Thursday, 27 January 2011

Teenage Boys....

What is it that makes them change overnight? 
 Are hormones really the culprit? 
At 11/12 years old they are still sweetness and light and comply with the usual routine...enter bedroom, open curtains and suggest ...."come on Pops sweety, get up and ready for school, pancakes are ready for breakfast"
Then one morning (13th Birthday?)
Reply... "Oh ouch shut the curtains its too bright! (pulling pillow over his head) and don't call me Pops and I hate pancakes, I will have a coke whilst I do my homework"!

So I have tried everything to lure him out of his pit in time for school
Even tried bribery ....if you get up and ready for school now, like you used to, I promise I will crochet you something nice......
the reply...."as long as you don't use acrylic mum"
(pulls pillow over his head)

Whats a mum to do with a lazy nonchalant teenager?
Advice pleeeeease!


  1. Lol! Settle in for the long haul! he he he!!

  2. yes, good luck to you ... I am experiencing one 16 year old and one 12 year old with mental age and hormones of 16 year old ... the younger has facial hair, voice broke at 11 and an attitude, hormones make them unpredictable and with me in the menopause it's a nightmare in this house!

  3. I`m with Annie and Betty - batten down the hatches and grab all the books you can on Teenage Angst!!!On the plus side - my two turned out really lovely young men - when they returned from The Dark Side!

  4. I wish I could help, I went through it 3 times including 2 girls and I resorted to threats, tears, and bribery to name but a few. Take heart though my worst has asked me how I put up with her and why I didn't kick her out so as Nana says they do come back to you. Hang in there and good luck.

  5. I know the feeling, my daughter turned 13 in December. Her bedroom is an absolute pit! added to that I have a toddler aswell, the joys of kids eh! I think everyone is right, grin and bare it and I'm sure he will end up a wonderful adult and hopefully move out :) x

  6. Apparently the teenage hormones do make them want to sleep in - bad time for schooling :-( hhmmm can't help you with any advice as my oldest is 10 , I have it all to look forward to :-s

  7. Oh Debs, I'm scared! My daughter is 13 in a few weeks and I'm bracing myself for a end to cuddles, kisses and talking! That way I'll be thrilled if she stays her own sweet self! We'll get through it my least I've got the salon to run away to when the going gets tough! You can come too if you like! xxxx

  8. All I can say is that they grow out of it lol you just have to ride it through, our eldest grandson is just coming into this time he has very dark hair and it is now growing in all the strangest places(to him)! and a little mow mu daughter is asking the same thing,it is not just boys the girls are like this is all part of life ,enjoy the ride it only lasts about 5 years lol.hugs in the meantime xx

  9. Good luck, it might be a long time before he "snaps" out of it.

    Locking him in a dark room until he grows out of it sounds like a good idea. Teenage angst - who needs it!

    Good luck.


  10. You would think those fantastic shorts would put a smile on his face!
    Ah..teenage eldest is 13 and she's a girl. We have endless rows about make-up. I realise all 3 of mine will be in their teens at the same time. Deep joy...pass me a Valiumn!

  11. Advice from a mum of 3 boys (and still alive to tell the tale): don't speak to him, don't look at him, don't breathe in his presence, keep the snack cupboard full and wait patiently and lovingly until he comes out the other side. side note: the cushions and pillows got a lot of 'plumping' during those years - better that than boxing his ears. But oh bless, they are lovely when they find their human gene again. Good luck, my friend x

  12. Oh, I so sympathise - three out of my four are in the middle of it. You're right, it seems as though that thirteenth birthday seems to almost give their bodies 'permission' to go for it as soon as the calendar flips over. x

  13. Feeling your pain! My daughter is 10 and a right royal pain in the pre teenage years arse at times lately. You only have to say something and we have tears, drama, stomping, slamming. Was I really this bad too I ask myself?! ;)

  14. Hello thanks for visiting my blog you are not too late for the mini give-away.
    I have one of those teenage boys too he is still in his bed I usually coax him out with the offer of eggs ,I think he is the most awkward out of my 3 kids after being the most well behaved one when they were little he is certainly making up for it now .
    xx fee

  15. I too have a Moody Broody Teenager. He stomped off to school today.

    We just batten down the hatches and hold on tight.

    It will pass. He will move out someday...

    Love the crocheted shorts.


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