Saturday, 22 January 2011

Procrastination on hold

I know, I know, I know....I am so sorry for being away so long. 
The only excuse I have is that of the procrastination type....not good really but I have been jolted back here thank goodness. 
I have kept up to date reading lots of blogs and as I am sure most of you already know the lovely Sara London, you will see her appeal going out to crocheters world-wide for their help.  The crochet a rainbow project will help the devastation that hit Australia.  What a fantastic way to get back in my blogging seat,  my contribution is growing and will be in the post shortly......what are you waiting for people?....get ya hook out!
I chose cheery Sarah London~esque colours
Click below to join



  1. Good to hear from you! Shall get hooking tonight!


  2. Apologies. I was twiddling one day and lost my Googlefriend connect, so haven't been over for a while. This sounds a brilliant idea. My crochet hook is a bit rusty from lack of use, but time to find it and get hooking, me thinks. x

  3. Helloooooo! Lovely to see you back!

    Talking about making an entrance! Those wonderful, gorgeous, heartlifting colours - STUNNING!

    I shall follow your link forthwith!


  4. goegeous squares!!! I'm loving the Sarah London colours! Good on you for donating so many, the floods were just devestating weren't they?

  5. I saw your squares on iCrochet and followed your link. It always surprises me to see my name in the sidebar of someone's blog! You must be a lurker...hee-hee. It's a nice surprise though.

    Love your squares. I'm participating too and must get busy with mine soon!

  6. Really good to have you back, what a worthwhile cause Crochet a rainbow is, I must get cracking on making some xox

  7. What lovely, cheerful, warm colours. Yes, what a worthy cause.

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