Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Lucky me....swap goodies

With one thing and another lately I am so terribly late with this post... sorry swap pals x
All the way from Tasmania my apron arrived
From Silver nutmeg and golden pear.  I love it and as its reversible will not be in the washing machine as much (ha).  Courtney is one busy superwoman with her adorable children on one hip and her sewing machine on the other!  Go and check out her amazing blog.
This is what I sent to Courtney and her lil "Boss"

My Boudoir Swap
Then my lovely pal Kath of JuicyFig really did suprise me with her perfectly hand stitched box
Kath spoilt me with rose and violet cremes...I got tucked into them before anyone came home! I did share the sweet chocolate mice though!  Guess what.... Kath has made more of these sweet boxes and they are up for grabs in her cute folksy shop
And lastly......
Dear Royal Mail,  I am on your tail looking for a lost package that I sent to my strawberry swap partner!  I will not rest until you find it and deliver it to its rightful owner.  I am very dissapointed in your service and DO NOT want postage stamps as compensation as they will not replace the handmade lovlies I crafted for my friend. So get a move on or else I will have to start all over again and poor Emma has waited long enough!


  1. Oh dear that is not nice that Royal Mail has lost your parcel. *stomp stomp stomp*
    I'm loving your swap goodies - I'm overwhelmed (having participated in only 3 swaps) in the generosity of people in these swaps - sooooo lovely!
    I must must must start on my next one - sewing machine here I come .. .. ..
    Hope you are feeling a little better with each passing day xxx

  2. What beautiful swapsies, I love this about blogging. Hope your lost parcel arrives.
    Kandi x

  3. Lovely goodies, hope you find the missing parcel though. :(

    Thanks for the link on weight conversion it's just what I was looking for xxx

  4. Gorgeous swap goodies there. I hope that you get a more positive outcome from Royal mail...

  5. Hi there! Got your message this morning, it has been a manic couple of weeks here with my daughter returning home for good, then moving back out again a week later...long story!
    I'm so glad you are feeling more possitive, it can be very very hard at times though!
    I think I may be getting hold of that lemon drizzle cake recipe for some personal cake therapy myself!

    I will hopefully be back blogging today/tomorrow/well, soon!



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