Thursday, 8 July 2010

If all else fails...stoke up the oven

I have to keep posting or my lovely blog gals start to fret!  Blogging has turned into a bit of a sanctuary these past couple of weeks and has helped to keep my overactive negative thinking at bay.  So with all the crappity crap going on I have let things slip a little in the Fondant household.  To make up for this and make it look like I had a busy-ish day I baked.....of course I was obviously forgiven with so many treats....and I enjoyed myself!
Instructions for a "busy" baking day....
1* Create the mood, turn on the radio, I like to listen to my playlist there in my sidebar.
2* Open all the kitchen windows to make the delicious smells waft to your neighbours, you can then hear all the birds singing and cheering you on.  Even better if you can see all your fave linen washing on the line (am I weired to feel the euphoria of linen on the line?)
3* Wear your new apron swap apron over your fave cotton frock.
4.* Gather all your recipes and ingredients and pre-measure into pretty little bowls (less flapping mid mixing).
5* Stoke up that oven and get creative!
When you have loaded up the oven, licked the spoons and bowls, stacked the washing up, click on the kettle and sit in your kitchen with a nice cup of tea/cappo and relax.
Most of all enjoy your baking day safe in the knowledge that all proceeds will be greatly received and will far outweigh the fact that the rest of the house looks like a bomb hit can tackle that tomorrow!
So yesterday my sweet pal of Jules at Home shared her superb Sticky Lemon Cake Recipe. I kid ye not - it really is deeeelish.
I always accept that my cakes will never rise as much as they should due to totally inadequate oven!  But I was more than happy with these results as it just tastes so.....summery!
Then I made cheap and cheerful flapjacks
I am sure you all know how to make these teatime favourites
Melt 4oz butter with 4oz sugar (or less) and 3 tablespoons of honey or syrup.
Stir in 8oz rolled oats (or any muesli) and add a handful of chopped apricots (or other dried fruit or nuts)
Squash into a tin, bake for half an hour at gas mark 4 (or 180c/350f)
Drizzle melted choc over the top and Voila!
Then I made our usual egg and bacon pie and sausage rolls and set the bread maker on with a crusty loaf!
All ready for a weekend of picnics!


  1. That sounds like my perfect cooking playlist.

    Have a wonderful afternoon,

    Nina xxx

    ps. thank you for the buzzy 'stinging' variety tip - I will most definitely be keeping a close eye on him. Hope your Miss Jazzy was OK? Nx

  2. Nothing like a bit of baking to lift spirits :)

  3. It's funny but baking does help when feeling in need of a pick me up. Much better than sitting down and focusing on the problems life send our way...
    By the way the sticky lemon recipe looks delicious!
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  4. Yes I have to agree baking really does lift your mood and no you're not alone I love seeing my washing on the line, especially my bed sheets. I can't wait to go to bed when they've been dryed outside, I'm sure it helps me sleep ;) x

  5. Hang in there! It sounds like you are on the right track. When faced with adversity, especially situations I can't control, I say to myself, "Fix the things you can fix." Having control over at least some small part of my life always seems to give me a fresh perspective on the part that's out of control! Prayers heading your way!

  6. That sounds like heaven. Doing what makes you happy in whatever form has to be good, plus you get the eating bit at the end of it all! Thinking of you, keep your chin up my lovely.
    Kandi x

  7. Soooooo happy that you felt well enough to so your baking as it means your mind got off the yukky track to something you enjoy.I can imagine that you had a couple of hours where you caught yourself proccupied with nice things.Like all your followers I look each day to see if you have must be wonderful to know that a huge circle of arms are wrapped around you.Warm and fuzzy hugs from me Carole ps guess the lemon cake would be stale by the time I got there for a cuppa lol .

  8. Ooh yummy! The smell of baking and the sight of fresh linen drying in the sun are some of life's little pleasures!

    I don't know what's been happening, but whatever it is I hope it's resolved soon and that more positive things are on the way for you :)

  9. baking is a homemaking nesting type thing I think so hopefully a sign that you are more settled and feeling secure, hope so. Betty xxx

  10. Linen blowing on the line, birds singing, bees buzzing, music playing, cakes baking - utterly perfect! I hope this has set you up for a lovely weekend free of bad thoughts and dark corners - you can just sweep all the dust and housework into those corners and leave it to fester until you feel ready to tackle it - let's face it, if you did it all today what would be left for next week? Lots of love xxxx

  11. I always find doing a bit of 'Domestic Goddessing'helps me to process any challenges or difficulties in my life..taking control of your environment can be very therapeutic and with baking you get something scrummy at the end of it too!!
    Hope that you have a good weekend,
    Warmest Wishes,
    Cally x

  12. baking and cakes are always great therapy in my kitchen too. xox

  13. LOL you did make me smile xxx
    When I had my breakdown many many years ago - if Mr B came home and found the kitchen full of baking he knew it had started off to be a bad day for me and I'd baked my way to happiness!
    Even now if I go on a baking frenzy he still comes and says "Are you ok babe"
    Thanks for the smiles


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