Thursday, 19 May 2011

First suprise is I am blogging! I have been so behind lately sorry!

Second suprise is my wonderful swap gifts from Anne at Nana GoGo. I enrolled in Bettys thrifty swap and got straight onto some crochet for my partner...but I am sure Anne will show you what I made for her.
Just look at this generous booty it all thanks Anne x

I now drink posh hot coffee! There was also a bar of scrummy chocolate(do not know why that is not in the pic heehee)  for me and sweeties for the boy. Also a jokey coaster that really made me chuckle

Thank you Betty for organising a great swap!
Promise I will blog again much to tell you!
Enjoy the sunshine


  1. Some lovely goodies - like your coaster! Keep on blogging. Bettyx

  2. Wow! What a lovely load of goodies!

  3. Hey Debs, that cosy looks really nice on your cafetiere! I might make one for myself now - though I`ve just noticed that the button isn`t centred properly or maybe it`s just my eyes!!Really glad you liked everything, as I certainly do with all my gifts from you. I`m going to post about them right now!Betty`s right, keep on blogging. xxx

  4. Like your coaster! Lovely load of goodies!

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