Tuesday, 29 June 2010


...has turned upside down.  I have unexpectedly found myself in a dark place.  It has left me stranded in limbo with no control of which way to turn. 

Hoping and praying this is a temporary glitch and I will be back as soon as I can function properly.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Boudoir swap post by date

A couple of lovely swappers have emailed me and asked me what the swap by date is.  Well my dears I thank you for the little polished boot on the behind....I was being a little laid back I guess.  I am going to ask all you lovely ladies to have your goodies in the post by 18th June.  We have no excuses now, the children have had their pre-summer romp in the sun and are back at school.  We simply cant put our feet up as there  is only a matter of weeks before the "big break" from school so we need to stay on our toes!

I have only just reclaimed the laptop and removed greasy finger prints and uninstalled all matter of useless downloads after the boy got his mitts on it last week....homework...yeah right!
I have missed blogland and am still catching up.  As I was on catch up last night (nodding off with the gentle whirrr and warmth of lappy)  I heard someone say "how many blogs do you follow"?  Well blow me, I looked and my list contains 347 wonderful bloggersOooh I said, I didn't realise, no wonder it takes me so long to catch up....the reply???  "well delete some then"!!!! WHAT A RIDICULOUS NOTION!

Whilst I am busy behind the scenes and struggling to find time to be here I do think of you all and will be popping by your lovely blogs asap!