Thursday, 12 August 2010

Polite request.....

Im crocheting hats for flips sake!!!!
But just in the nick of time (before I go TOTALLY insane)


  1. ooohh love that hat - it is raining and cold here too :-(

  2. Thanks for the tutorial link I'm def. going to have a go at those, they're so cute!!

  3. Ooooh thank you for this link, I have come across Julia in my blog surfing so it's good to see her again and have new inspiration.
    A BIG thank you for popping over to my blog, it really touches me when someone gives such positive comments. I now will have fun looking at yours xox

  4. Oh Deborah, bless you for sharing the Popcorn Flower link, that was so kind of you...and can I just say, what a lovely hat!! My goodness, Im now getting itchy fingers to make a hat!! Does it ever end?? Methinks not, I feel a trip to the wool shop coming on....

    Lovely to find your blog and thank you so much for visiting mine!

    Much love to you
    Julia x x x

  5. Damn you, Deb - now there's something else to add to the list of things I know I'm not going to get done :) Loving the hat - hope it's waterproof! xxx

  6. I am liking the hat and the tutorial - thank you!!! x

  7. Hello Deborah,

    i have a surprise for you, please look here:

    Lovely greets,

  8. Thank you so much for the tutorial link. I've been looking for an excuse to start, so this is really appreciated.


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