Friday, 25 March 2011

Spring Destash

Ok the Spinning bug has bitten!  I did buy a wheel that turned out to be a complete hassle and just will not play its time for drastic action.
*As a thankyou for helping me reach my "spinning wheel funds" target, each buyer will recieve a raffle ticket from me to be entered into a draw to win a handmade earring and necklace set!*
A Spring Destash Sale


I Love to Dye!

Hello Strangers!
There has been yet another long pause between posts and that's naughty of me....sorry
But I have been having soooo much fun!
I bought some fluff and some food dye and away I went!
If you don't spin then treat yourself to some undyed wool yarn and have a go....
WARNING....Highly addictive
Oh and wear gloves (eeek purple hands are unattractive)
If you don't already know Ravelry is a brilliant place to hang out!  There are so many lovely helpful people
with lots of hints and tips
Go on....have a go!

I also "had a go" at making a swift...a piece of aparatus to wind skiens

Yep its PINK!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Cardigans and spindles

Hello lovely blog friends, I haven't forgotten about you, just been super busy here and my boy has been hogging the laptop for homework assignments.
remember the cardigan pattern I showed you last post?  well I jumped right in with the attitude "I can do this" and I did!  I have to say the pattern was super-duper easy and it worked up very quickly....ta-dah moment...
You really must try this...the pattern is soooo adaptable you can use any yarn and hook size etc and is very easy to would have to be lol! Pattern here
I have started another one for my mum for mothers day in a beautiful scarlet red (patons smoothie)

It is my sisters birthday at the end of the month and I managed to finish a Queen Anne scarf that will be suitable for spring (cos its going to get warmer soon..)
And without boring you too much peeps I have had a go at hand spinning with a spindle and I lurve it!
I bought a cheap top whorl that is ok but I am looking for something that will spin a wee bit longer. 
Another ta-dah...
 My first hand spun chunky lovliness!
Now working on some yummy alpaca....ooh get me teehee
Ok my friends I will be back soon with showing and telling about my dyeing mishaps!
Have a jolly weekend