Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Where did today go to?

A little under the weather....nothing a snuggly granny can't remedy!

Monday, 27 September 2010 award...for my blog....

I really dont deserve this as I have been terrible at updating and visiting lately! Sorry!  Anyway the lovely Heather from Pink Milk thinks im versatile so I shall oblige with the seven facts about me.  Thank you Heather.

1:: The only time I watch television is to watch a good film. I especially enjoy old black and white films with dancing and big frocks. Television just aint like it used to be.
2:: I hate doing the weekly food shop, I have tried doing the grocery shopping online and had it delivered a few times but I don’t like it when they send "alternatives". eg a bunch of spring onions please.....I got four huge Spanish onions!
3:: I love fresh flowers and flowering plants and if I see a marked down plant withering on the shop shelf I bring it home and bring it back to life. New to gardening I have worked hard through the summer and now have raised beds to have a bash at growing my own veggies.
4:: Im not a social butterfly and don’t really have people around me, no friends as such. I am a homebird and like my own company. I often say to myself that I should get out more and socialise but I think it is a confidence thing.
5:: I don’t drive. I did try about 15 years ago but during one of my lessons a little girl ran out in front of me. I didn’t hit her but she just stood in the middle of the road screaming and I froze. I have never been in a driving seat since.
6:: I have always had a creative mind but would only result in a started cross stitch or three, a started scarf, a started dress, or even a started room decorated! Since I started blogging, reading blogs and surfing the web I am now finishing projects and always find inspiration to let my creative side flow. (still have plenty of starts to finish though!)
7:: I am boring......I cant think what to write for number seven!
Now I have to pass the award on to five other bloggers which is very difficult as I love y'all!  So I thought I would choose five blogs that are new to you go lovely bloggists

Dont forget to enter my giveaway in the previous post!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

At last the Thank you Giveaway!

I cant believe it is over a month since I said I would do this and for that I am sorry but LIFE just needed me elsewhere!  One thing is for sure....I am so happy to be back and will be popping by to see you all over the next few days.  So without further ado here is what I am giving to one lucky blogger who leaves a comment saying they would like to be included and popped into my hat!

I made you a chunky crochet bag lined and trimmed in matching vintage fabric
a crochet hook roll with vintage fabric and lace.
I matched some abalone shell beads with crystals to make earrings presented in a vintage style box
I made a matching pin cushion and crochet funky teapot jacket
then threw in a classic jane austen novel with a blank handmade paper notebook
all with matching good old fashioned chocolate limes sweeties.....mmmmm!

I will draw you out of the hat on the 5th October
cos tis a special day for me!